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Marine Support

  • Marine Construction Support – Deployment of mooring and construction buoys
  • CTV’s Crew Transfer Vessels
  • Guard Vessels

Site Solution Partners uses it’s experience within offshore wind to safely execute ‘construction support activities’ with focus in emerging markets where the technical experience and understanding of the scope does not exist. This can be either by itself or if required by localisation laws with local partners. Such partnerships ensure that the required Quality and HSE level as required by the Developer and Offshore wind standards are met.

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18 Floor, No. 206, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd.
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Contact info

Phone: (+45) 53 73 95 50
CVR: 37449660

Site Solution partners

We offer construction support and site logistic for onshore activities such as site facilities and accommodation solutions.

+45 53 73 95 50


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