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After a long workday, your site crew needs a place to relax and recharge their batteries to be ready for the next day.

There may be different ways of ensuring a place to relax and sleep, such as hotels, apartments or cabins. However, if none of these solutions are available or if they are too far away from your working site, then an on-site accommodation camp might be the solution for you. Together with you, we will define your minimum requirements in order to ensure that the solution we choose matches your needs.

An on-site accommodation camp gives you the following advantages:

  • Less time spent on transport to and from the accommodation facility, hence more time to relax and sleep

  • You decide what the accommodation facilities should contain

  • We map and shortlist all possible solutions that fit your needs making it easy for you to choose

Based on the minimum requirements and search criteria, Site Solutions will analyze the situation and offer you the best possible solutions to support your project.

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We offer construction support and site logistic for onshore activities such as site facilities and accommodation solutions.

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