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    Site Solution Partners offer support for onshore activities such as site facilities and accommodation solutions.

Who we are

The story of Site Solution Partners

Site Solution Partners was founded in 2016 by Peter Forsberg and associated partners from New Power Partners

Peter and the partner team have been working in the wind industry since 2004 and 2008. It gives them extensive understanding of 1) the industry and 2) need for fast adjustment and flexible solutions.

Together with our dedication, we put our client first – this has provided us the trust we need to build long customer relations that for most part grant us direct award of the project we enter.

Site Solution Partners is a service provider within the area of temporary accommodation and construction support. This includes turnkey solutions for

  • accommodation
  • onsite facilities
  • transport of staff
  • food service

making our client’s employees welfare our core business and allowing them to focus 100% on the installation project.

Each project is unique and must be tailored to the required location and capacity needed. Based on client specific minimum requirement, and with an independent approach, a full analysis is conducted to find the best and cheapest solution.

We focus on project logistic and operational power including the ability to react timely in a fast-phased decision-making environment. That’s why we believe we bring “Power to Projects” through our founding values:




We bring power to projects

COVID-19 handling

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed safe working procedures to facilitate both quarantine facilities and safe working facilities. Our unique concept keeps all the teams divided into smaller groups, allowing work to carry on even if a group should fall sick. The teams will never be in contact with each other and therefore minimizing the risk of the entire project to be jeopardized.

Relocation and mobility service

Do you need help with Relocation of your employees? We have good experience with our mobility service, especially in Taiwan and is more than ready to help you and your company.

After a couple of years in the country with danish support we have a strong, experienced, and local team on board which ensure the support to our clients.
We can help our clients with everything from, Visa applications, Quarantine help, bank account set-up, Taiwan branches set-up, Apartments, Payrolls just to mention some of the services.

Our solution has competitive prices. You can choose to receive either general assistance in the application procedure or specific assistance in getting started as a new company or citizen in Taiwan.

WE BRING POWER TO PROJECTS and look forward to working with you!

    Main Office

    Horsensvej 72
    7100 Vejle


    18 Floor, No. 206, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd.
    Xinyi Dist. Taipei City 110

    Contact info

    Phone: (+45) 53 73 95 50
    CVR: 37449660

    Site Solution partners

    We offer construction support and site logistic for onshore activities such as site facilities and accommodation solutions.

    +45 53 73 95 50


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